Stainless Steel Investment Casting

Stainless Steel Investment Casting

Our stainless steel castings apply to components that require high resistance to wear and corrosion, without the need to apply secondary coating or plating. We strive to meet our customers’ growing demands for innovative and high-quality stainless steel castings.

Our decades of experience and in-depth knowledge allow us to produce satisfying and cost-effective casting products and services. We use state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies to ensure an efficient casting process.

Internal Strength and Integrity 

We manufacture components that guarantee internal strength and integrity. Through our precision investment casting process, we expertly produce parts according to strict tolerance requirements.

We can even predict the casting’s internal quality outcome before the creation of components. This helps enhance the time-to-market while minimizing the development costs due to the process development’s trial and error methods.

We are experts in delivering value for our customers. We will help you reduce cost, lead-time, and weight while improving your part’s functionality. Allow our expert and creative team to convert or redesign your costly fabrication or multi-piece weldment into a single-piece precision stainless steel investment casting.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Casting with Caster Metals 

We have extensive experience in pouring different stainless steel investment casts. If you choose us to be part of your next casting project, you can expect the following advantages:

Smooth Finish 

Our investment casting uses a specialized mold that produces a smooth finish. So, you do not need to worry about additional finish or coating.

Faster Production 

We do not only value your satisfaction but also your time. Our process for investment casting can cut down the labor time while producing faster lead times. We do that by minimizing the necessary amount of machining after casting without compromising the quality.

Tight Tolerances 

We make sure that our steel investment castings can hold tight tolerances. So, expect high performance and functionalities.

Vast Size Range 

Our investment casting solutions allow small and large casts. We can cast intricate and miniature parts or large parts based on your requirements.

Other benefits of our investment casting process include no parting or flashing lines and compatibility with almost any metal. We are equipped with the latest casting equipment that ensures reduced to no casting defects. 

We also make sure that all parts result in a smoother finish. Parting or flashing lines are eliminated in the finished products. These advantages minimize the requirement for surface finishing. It also shortens the timeline for overall production.

Common Alloys for Stainless Steel Casting 

  • 304 – It is widely accepted in industries like the food industry because of its cleanliness and corrosion resistance. Other common applications include mining, medical, and petrochemical.
  • 304L/316L – Like other 300 series steel, this alloy is soft but corrosion-resistant for every material grade. It is often used in the medical, petrochemical, and food and dairy industries.
  • 316 – This alloy is commonly used in plates, gears, and housings. It is famous for its superior corrosion resistance. This quality makes it ideal for various uses, including food and dairy, petrochemical, automotive, and even marine environments.
  • 410 and 416 – It is commonly used in housings, brackets, handles, and bushings. This alloy is known for its machinability and strength. It tends to break instead of bending under intense pressure. It is also used in food and dairy, machine tool, and automotive.
  • 17-4 – This alloy applies to the military, machine tool, and medical industries. It is the most robust stainless steel. It is usually used on parts that cannot bend, including arms, links, pins, and rods. 

Combining Experience and Commitment to Achieve Highest Quality Stainless Steel Investment Casting 

We pride ourselves on our experience and commitment to helping customers achieve the highest quality investment casting. We ensure that our customers receive the benefits they deserve, including reliable quality assurance, high-volume or short-run production, and specialized shell-making equipment.

Our engineering team is always available to serve you. Besides providing manufacturing or production, we also perform pre-planning strategies. If you are unsure about the different aspects of your project, we can give you valuable advice before production.

We always listen to our customers to ensure that the outcomes meet their expectations. We will work closely with you, from material selection to finishing touches. We ensure that while our customers are achieving their desired results, they enjoy significant savings.

We provide a high accuracy level with precise dimensional results in every stainless steel investment casting project we handle. Our customers can expect improved surface quality, less tooling costs, and tighter tolerance at all times. 

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We ensure to determine your real needs before starting your project. Plus, you can expect that the results are according to your unique requirements. 

Contact us today and make us part of your next casting project.