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    Our product line includes sand casting, die casting, shell moulding, investment castings, precision casting, forging , machining and CNC turning. We have more than 50 years metal casting production experience, we can customized products and provide cost-reduction solution for you.


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    Sand Casting, Shell Molding, Forging, Machining-Caster Metals

    Sand casting, shell molding, forging, and machining are the most crucial aspects of any steel industry. Caster Metal has come up with all these services and products under one roof. Extensive services and our consciousness about quality make us stand out from the rest. However, the brilliance in the finishing and technicality in manufacturing and composing are the parameters that our engineers and metallurgists work day and night to achieve. Also, modern technologies and techniques we use are popular in Asian and European markets.

    Sand Casting

    Caster Metal manufactures using sand casting for small as well as large piece weights. Both individual pieces or parts and large-scale machines can be manufactured using the hand molding process. The process is suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, so it can be used universally. Caster Metal uses this process for copper and copper alloys as well as for steels. The focus is on one-offs and medium-sized series.

    However, sand casting plays a leading role in the manufacturing of steel products. Important to note is that the molds used in this process are made of sand with additives such as clay. It results in a 3D pattern compacted shape.

    Besides, sand casting yields smooth surface finish and it is very economical when it comes to manufacturing a large series run.

    Caster Metal has an automatic horizontal molding machine that can produce 20,000 units a year, whereas the semi-automatic molding machine can produce 10,000 units per annum.

    Shell Molding

    Shell molding is another advanced version or method of sand casting; it uses modern technology for the process. However, modern technology enables us to keep the rates economical even if we intend to manufacture 1,000 units – competitive unit pricing.

    Like sand casting, shell molding also allows the use of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The shell molding process consists of these steps:

    • Pattern creation
    • Mold creation
    • Mold assembly
    • Pouring
    • Cooling
    • Casting removal


    Shaping of the metal; this is the only way to bring the metal in use for a specific purpose. For this reason, comprehensive hammering helps in the formation of shape. However, temperature plays a leading role in forging. Therefore, the main two types of forging are hot forging and cold forging; selecting depends on the material, use, and metal structure or composition.

    Let us take a look at the advantages of forging:

    • This process maintains a smooth structure and composition of the metal.
    • The quality assurance test shows the optimum performance of the parts.
    • Ability to bear maximum tension and load since the tight grain structure results in high-mechanical strength.
    • No shrinkage, porosity, or cavities with the surface and internal structure of the metal.
    • Neat fatigue properties.
    • Cost-efficacy: using this methodology, reduced cost and high quality can be achieved.


    Machining is also called milling in the steel industry; do not confuse. Precisely, it is a systematic procedure or method to cut the material; it can also be used in many ways. The rotary cutters work in varying directions; in several axes. In many cases, machining is the commonly used process for customizing parts according to the requirement with tolerances.

    Caster Metal offers this service with modern technology. We use hi-tech cutting edge along with the best industrial equipment, such as CNC (Computer Numerical Control). Machining with us includes planning and design for manufacturing, resulting in efficient, smooth, and reliable production.

    We Value Our Customers

    The Engineering department of Caster Metals is always available for the respective customers; we do not only provide production or manufacturing but also pre-planning strategies and advice before production. We listen to your voice for finishing and work for the composition. The combination of the services we offer to our clients helps to achieve the desired results at competitive and economical cost.