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Welcome to Caster Metal Manufacture Co.,Ltd. ! Your one-stop-shop for innovative, most advanced manufacturing techniques and engineering solutions for castings!

Here at Caster Metals, we guarantee proper optimization of your supply chain, from equipment and quality assurance to wedges to stainless steel marine engine parts. Not only that, we give you service satisfaction from our careful, thorough case studies.

Over the years, we have been known for we prove the method of topnotch and cost-effective engineering in the field of castings. We make sure that the products and services provided are based on the real needs and strict criteria of our customers. To help you achieve the operational excellence and business growth you strive for, we offer a creative and accurate cost-reduction solution.

What We Offer

Our unbeatable technical knowledge and excellent customer support made it possible to make your projects successful, which demand experience and expertise. We deliver cast and finished products using a wide variety of alloys along with most advanced production technologies.

Shell Molding

Using in-depth knowledge and innovation during the production process, we create very complex and detailed metal components. You can expect a wide array of shapes, preferably those parts that require accurate manufacturing. We produce a better surface finish while lowering your post-casting machining expenses.


We offer you the most comprehensive, advanced forging services that ensure excellent toughness, superior wear characteristics, neat fatigue properties, and high strength.


We use cutting edge technology alongside with best industry equipment to provide first-rate planning and design, machining and manufacturing, and post-production and delivery. Our machining products and services are based on your unique requirements and supply chain growth needs.

Sand Casting

Whether you require high-standard sand castings for ductile iron or gray iron, we deliver the most cost-effective process, which will lead you to geometric and dimensional consistency. Our sand casting process is mainly designed to reduce cracking, tearing, and other flaws to leverage flexibility.

Investment Casting

We ensure a high level of accuracy, combed precise dimensional results when it comes to our investing casting services. We offer expert processing for stainless steel, carbon steel, brass alloys, alloy steel, and aluminum. You can expect enhanced surface quality, tighter tolerance, and reduced tooling costs.

Ductile Cast Iron

We deliver a very cost-effective process so that you will experience a higher quality surface finish with larger volume runs. Both our low and high pressure processes are designed for casting brass alloys, zinc, and aluminum. Besides, you are guaranteed with uniform design and reduced post-casting machining.

Our Cast Products

Our dedicated, highly-skilled, and experienced workforce operates in a flexible framework offering you complete service coverage. We make sure that in every casting project, our customers are provided with great surface smoothness and dimensional accuracy with no surface defects. No matter how small or big your casting project is, we give you the most comprehensive cast product options for:

  • Automotive parts
  • Machines and vehicles manufacturers
  • Pumps and valves
  • Building industries
  • Armor and military industries
  • Medical equipment
  • Mining abrasive parts
  • Infrastructure sub-contractors


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    Our product line includes sand casting, die casting, shell moulding, investment castings, precision casting, forging , machining and CNC turning. We have more than 50 years metal casting production experience, we can customized products and provide cost-reduction solution for you.


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