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Why Choose Our Sand Casting Products And Services

Why Choose Our Sand Casting Products And Services

Sand Casting

For the highly cost-effective process in producing geometric and dimensional consistency, Caster Metals serves to be your sand casting experts around the world and the outskirts. From small to large volumes of sand casting orders, we give you the best deals!

Sand casting is among the processes for metal that involved high-melting temperature, including titanium, nickel, and steels. Our process for sand casting is not only versatile in different product sizes, but also effective in creating detailed or exceptionally complex castings.

Our Sand Casting Process

The sand casting process that we use guarantees heat resistance, flexibility, and relatively cost-effective. We make sure that all the materials we use during the process are easy to recycle ad can withstand extreme temperatures.

Castings are primarily produced by pouring the liquid metal into the particular mold cavity. To make our sand casting successful, we make sure that the mold cavity will effectively retain its shape before cooling and fully solidifying the metal. We use molding sand that contains bonding material for increased heat resistance and the ability to hold shape instead of pure sand because it breaks apart easily.

What to Expect from Our Sand Casting Products and Services

Every time you look for the highest quality sand castings, Caster Metal is your expert provider. We specialize in delivering non-ferrous sand castings that suit all your casting needs using zinc-based alloys, bronze, and aluminum.

We offer a cost-effective sand casting process that is perfect for a plethora of parts, from small to large sizes. Here at Caster Metals , we sand cast products from 0.5 to 5000 kilograms. Then, we expertly take on jobs for many types of parts. We take pride in our cutting edge sand foundry, which guarantees cost-effective, repeatable, second-to-none, and consistent sand castings.

Casting Integration

Our high quality sand casting service includes careful assembly analysis and accurate casting integration. As we work closely with you, we will help you figure out the best opportunities for reducing your overall sand casting costs.

Expert Prototype Casting

Apart from casting integration accuracy, expert prototype casting is part of our sand casting services. We produce fully functional sand casting prototypes that you can use for presenting your products in your potential investors or even as part of your test markets.

3D Scanning Technology

Using our most advanced 3D scanning technology, our team of engineers can expertly and accurately replicate a certain piece that has been produced already. Not only that, we can easily identify any material as well as the post-production method being used by analyzing the chemical and metallographic characteristics.

Why Choose US

Our castings are designed to reduce any potential cracking, tearing, and other flaws by ensuring a moderate degree of shrinkage and flexibility during the sand casting process’ cooling phase. Among the industries that take advantage of our products and services include automotive products like engine blocks or housings.

By choosing our sand castings, expect that you can experience the following advantages.

  • Low cost post-casting tooling
  • Large components fabrication
  • Inexpensive production costs
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous castings

No Restrictions

Our sand casting expertise is already recognized by many different industries. With a number of sand castings we offer to our customers, you can be sure that you will end up with the results you strive for. Interestingly, we offer no restrictions when it comes to materials, size, and shape. That way, you can achieve the castings you desire and could match your business needs. Whether for low or high volume productions, we ensure combined quality and cost-efficiency.

Topnotch Sand Casting Products

Through our years of experience in the field of sand casting, we create high-end products using high-grade materials. From that sand casting products, you can achieve complex geometries. This means that regardless of your project requirements, be it simple or complex, you can always expect topnotch results.

Top of the Line Inspection Capabilities

To ensure the highest quality results, we offer sand casting capabilities based on your specifications. Our manual quantitative and spectrographic analysis and metallographic analysis will ensure that your requirements are effectively followed. Besides, our mechanical property analysis, hardness inspection, cleanliness inspection, and temperature impact testing are all conducted to ensure product quality and usability.

Top-grade Inspection Equipment

Along with our inspection capabilities, we utilize to-grade inspection equipment. Using our Zeiss cleanliness meter, we can determine the particle quantity and size to ensure that all the materials used will meet the required industry standards. We also use GE ultrasound detectors for easier detection of flaws as well as X-ray machines designed for sand casting to scanning castings with a maximum 200 mm wall thickness.

Here at Caster Metals , all sand-casting products and services are varied and comprehensive. We make sure that from start to finish of your project, we provide complete, satisfying customer support.

Talk to our engineering team, and we will start your sand casting projects as soon as possible.