Sand Casting Parts

Sand Casting Parts

Welcome toCaster Metal – your reliable one-stop-shop that offers you the best cast metaland other products. Here, we always show expertise and innovation that plays amajor role in the casting process. We use excellent methods to make our workfast and efficient.

But that’sonly the beginning.

CasterMetal is also famous for our sand-casting process and parts. Our team isskilled and knowledgeable in doing the process. We have huge materials andequipment that make sand casting effective at all times.

But do youhave an idea about sand casting? If not, let’s talk a little about it on thispage.

What is SandCasting?

One of themost common metal casting procedure is sand casting. In this process, the moldshave sand and clay components. (The clay is the bonding agent that’s mixed withsand.) Then, the molds are compacted into a three-dimensional pattern.

Sand castingis an often-used production for metal components of different sizes. We’re notonly proud to introduce sand casting because of its versatility. Did you knowthat the process can also create detailed and complex castings? Thesand-casting process is also ideal in casting metal alloys.

Here arethree main advantages of molding sand:

  • Affordable
  • Canbe recycled easily
  • Canwithstand high temperatures

We use sandcasting successfully in various metals having high melting temperatures likenickel, steel, and titanium. Other industries also use sand casting because ofits low cost, flexibility, and heat resistance.

But sandcasting wouldn’t be effective using sand casting parts. 

Our SandCasting Parts

Using amold, metal castings are shaped.  Wealways see to it that we use an excellent mold to ensure the sand-castingprocess is effective. We have different sand-casting parts that influence theappearance of the final product.

So, whatare these sand casting parts?

Pattern – We call this a full-size modelthat gives an impression on the sand mold. (Take note: you wouldn’tsee some internal surfaces in this part. Hence, separate cores would createthis.)

Core – The core is inserted into themold in shaping the casting interior. You would see holes and passages in thecore.  The core has molding sandcomponents that are shaken out during the casting process.

Chaplets – One of the purposes of this partis for additional core support. Chaplets are small metal pieces that areconnected to the cavity surface and core.

Core-Box – similar to die, this part comesfrom plastic, wood, and metal. The core box also has multiple cavities that aresuited to producing several identical cores.

Riser – The riser contains excess metaland prevents shrinkage voids in the main casting. (The riser does this byfeeding a molten metal into the mold cavity.)

Flask – contains the entire sand mold.

CasterMetal engineers have in-depth knowledge of these parts that results in anexcellent sand-casting process. We check each part carefully to give qualityproducts and satisfaction.

Why ChooseSand Casting Parts at Caster Metal?

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BestQuality Sand Casting Parts 

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