Sand Casting Manufacturers

Sand Casting Manufacturers

One of the versatile metal casting processes is sandcasting. This uses sand as the mold to form the desired shape. Sand casting isknown to have high melting temperatures for various metals such as nickel,steel, and titanium.

This metal casting process is also known due to itsversatility and affordability, and due to this, this is the most used processacross the world. But if you want to experience quality sand casting manufacturers,then you should work with one company only.

This company has withstood the challenge of time andhas been in the industry for 50 and more years. Having that kind of feat for acompany leads to several great things. One of those great things is being themaster of the craft of metal casting. The company, which is I’m referring to ISCaster Metals.


A company that has been in the industry for long yearsand has perfected the craft of sand casting. Withstanding the test of time,this has led to the company gaining the necessary experience to enhance ourcraft in metal casting and opening up to more services to cater to the needs ofevery individual or industry, be it large or small. We aim to produce more castproducts and to help the people in their cast metal needs and requirements.

SandCasting Manufacturers

If you have a great liking with sand casting as yourmetal casting procedure, then let us interest you with our service. Sandcasting uses a mold made out of sand mixed with several bonding agents. In ourcompany are various sand casting molds that are already made. The end-productof our sand casting has quality and great surface finish along with low unitcost and tooling requirement.

If you need to metal cast, but the mold is notavailable, then you don’t need to problematic. Our professional technicians areskilled and can create a customized sand casting mold that fits yourrequirement to create the metal component that you need. We consider thesatisfaction of our customers, so we do our best to address the problem andoffer low cost solutions.

Aside from sand casting Manufacturers services, hereare more services which might tickle your interest:

  • Forgings
  • Foundry
  • ShellMolding
  • InvestmentCasting
  • DieCasting

If you desire a finished product, we have metal castproducts available in these fields:

  • AutomotiveParts
  • Pumpsand Valves
  • Machineand Vehicles Manufacturers
  • Armorand Military Industry
  • MedicalEquipment
  • BuildingIndustries
  • InfrastructureSub-contractors
  • MiningAbrasive PARTS

We are a company that supplies these products andservices to around 70 and more countries across the globe. We cater our servicesand cast metal products to individuals and industries, be it small or large.And we also extend our services to the common households needing metal castingproducts and services.

TheAdvantages with Caster Metals

Satisfaction is a great word which our companyconsiders highly. For a service or a product to become successful, it hast tosatisfy the clients. And we at Caster Metals have continually served the masseswith our products and services and in return, get satisfaction from ourcustomers. Here are the advantages/benefits of working with us:

  • WideVariety Sand Casting Molds

Other companies in the industry ofmetal casting may have some deficiencies, but not us. Being in the industry for50 years, we are experienced and develop a wide array of sand casting molds tocater to the diverse needs of each client. If the particular mold is notavailable, out professional and skilled technicians can produce a customizedsand casting molds to suit your requirements or needs.

  • ProfessionalSkilled Team and Cutting Edge Equipment

Your sand casted products areguaranteed to be of high caliber. Why? Our team is composed of professionals whoare skilled and experienced that have mastered the craft of sand castingregardless of the requirement. No job is too small or too big for our team, ourteam can deliver with pinpoint accuracy at the fastest given time. To aid theskill of our technicians, we invested in cutting edge equipment to produce highquality metal casted products and they also aid the technicians in carrying outefficient and impressive SandCasting Manufacturers services.

  • GreatCustomer Services

In a company, how you treat yourcustomers reflects the general performance. In line with that, we, at CasterMetals, treat our clients with utmost respect and dedication. Not only ourclients are satisfied with the services and products we give them but also onhow we treat them. We have served thousands of clients and treating them rightis the most appropriate action to do.