Professional Forging Parts Manufacturer

Professional Forging Parts Manufacturer

Caster Metal has been committed to providing precision for over 50 years. We are the best forging parts manufacturer you can work with.

Forging of the Highest Precision from Caster Metal

Our development, production, procurement, and transportation efficiencies make us stand out from the rest of the manufacturers indulged in forging and molding metal parts. We deliver everything under one roof.

Every service and product with us is assigned for a specific function. We provide our clients with the technical advice for the suitable forging process and to select an appropriate material.

Processes and Technologies

Forging parts manufacturing is keenly technical – we are experts in it. One of our strengths is our priority to fulfill the requirements demanded by the client on the fast track. The fast track process primarily includes manufacturing, designing, and transportation within a couple of days.

Moreover, we offer a wide range of standardization with respect to the components’ needs since we are one of the most technical entities in the market, especially when it comes to forged parts.

The credit of keen technicalities goes to our highly experienced and skilled team members, including metallurgists, and mechanical, quality, and chemical engineers.

Production in Caster Metal

In addition to the forging parts manufacturing, we deal with the molded parts’ surface finishing composed from metal. We gladly manage the assembling and relevant processes of the machinery and its accessories.

Our Network

We do have access to our very own manufacturing network all over Europe and Asia and we work with industry experts. Our widespread network allows us to manufacture and forge molded parts and ensures to yield maximum economic factors and quality. Most of the customers from Asian and European markets consult us, especially when it comes to taking professional suggestions for forging because precision is just the beginning. We are a trusted forging parts manufacturer.

Optimal Resources Availability

We are filled with several facilities for production and for the foundries to facilitate the range of processes. However, we have the policy to maintain competitiveness, material quality, densities, and geometries during production, including forging. Also, this is a tactic to reduce costs and maintain quality.


The central conscious factor on which all the procedures and production depend on is the risk. And, we do not leave any gap to ensure there is no risking the facilities and production. However, we operate the processes according to global quality standards and environmental management to ensure the quality, economy, and safety, i.e., ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.

Leading Projects and Services

Our employees have extensive specialist knowledge and can advise you professionally on the development of the molded parts to find the most economical and ideal forging and casting process. We provide expert advice in every casting and forging process.

Leading services we provide:

  • shell molding
  • forging
  • castings (including sand castings, die casting and investment casting)
  • machining
  • foundry

Why Choose Caster Metal?

Caster Metal offers you options to select the most suitable method and advice for forging your product depending on the unique and particular application of your product. 

Specifically, for the parts that are likely to bear extreme loads and crucial requirements, forging is proved to be the best and smartest method of production from the Metallurgic research perspective.

Advantages of Professional Forging

From the numerous advantages of forging, a few of them are:

  • Uniformity in external structure and internal composition.
  • Grain structure is tightly packed to provide excellent mechanical strength.
  • In any critical case, it has an ability to yield maximum part performance during high load testing in the QA department to ensure its required properties.
  • Forging minimizes the possibility of cavities, shrinkage, and porosity.
  • However, the process of forging is economical comparatively. Therefore, apart from the quality it yields, the cost reduction factor also contributes to select the forging process for manufacturing parts and machinery.
  • The machinery manufactured by forging works efficiently when it comes to production.

Contact us to speak to one of our expert Engineers in the team and share your product needs to get valuable pieces of advice from us. We’ll help you with forging or any other process of manufacturing.