Investment Casting Foundry

Investment Casting Foundry

Caster Metal offers the mostcomprehensive investment casting service through years of industry experience,state-of-the-art facilities, and expert capabilities dedicated to your needs.Using our specialized and cost-effective tooling combined with the multi-stepprocess, we guarantee accurate and economical castings.

Our investment casting foundry aredesigned to eliminate elaborate tooling for parts that involve complex orunusual internal configurations. Our team of experienced engineers is known toaccurately and efficiently help you obtain small, hard-to-machine, andintricate shapes. Thus, we make sure that you will end up with productscharacterized by high quality, greater consistency, and more detail.

OurInvestment Casting Process

With our services, we make sure thatparts come in extremely complex features, and shapes are cast as single pieces.We expertly utilize a disposable wax pattern to each of cast parts we produce.Our customers can choose whether the wax is pre-coated with the liquidrefractory material or directly injected into the mold.

Once the molten material is formed,it will be poured into the mold. After that, it is allowed to harden and then,set into the wax pattern’s shape. While the wax pattern is being melted, thecomponent is ejected. Most of our products are used to manufacture differentparts intended for military, automotive, and aerospace industries.

Our process for investment castingdelivers improved surface quality and tighter tolerance with less machining.Not only that, but our services also come in lower tooling costs. Our productsand services are specially designed to support all your needs with considerationto your budget requirements.

Once you allowed our team to handleyour project, you can expect the following:

  • Precisedimensional results
  • Ahigh degree of accuracy
  • Moredetail in final components
  • High-qualitysurface finish

We offer three types of castingprocesses, including:

  • Siliconeglue
  • Waterglass
  • Zirconflour

We utilize all commercial alloys,while the process is carefully determined by the end product qualities andrequired mold characteristics that are relative to the chosen alloy. We choosethe most effective approach according to part size, required alloy, anddimensional tolerance.

Our team of skillful and experiencedengineers has in-depth knowledge of casting alloys and metals that are hard tofabricate and machine. Using our expertise and innovative tools and equipment,we can create parts that are impossible to produce using common manufacturingtechniques.


When we use ceramic mold during thecasting process, we can produce products with a much smoother finish. Onaverage, it is typically 125 RA surface finish.

MoreAffordable Tooling

Only requires less expensivematerials and equipment, so can expect that the overall costs will remainrelatively low.


Our products are known for theirability to hold tighter tolerance. As a result, there is reduced amount in therequired machining. Our standard tolerance for investment castings is +/-.005per inch.

WideVariety of Materials

We give you the freedom to choosewhich material will best suit your needs. We offer a wide variety of materialssuch as aluminum, stainless steel, and bronze.

VastProduct Size Range

Our investment casting foundry offersmall to large casts, so regardless of what your size requirement is, our teamcan help you. All you need is to talk to our engineering team to fullyunderstand your real product specifications.


We deliver our products and servicesbased on the set schedule. We guarantee that we prioritize your needs andsatisfaction, so we offer relatively faster delivery to ensure that you canquickly proceed to your operations and focus on growing your business.


Caster Metal has all the necessarymost advanced equipment and techniques to certify the quality of the parts,from start to finish of the process. We ensure that you will obtain the propersurface profile, material composition, as well as dimensional integrity.


One of the most important factors toconsider when working with an provider is the certification. Here at CasterMetal, we guarantee that we are complete with necessary accreditations toprovide high-quality castings. That way, rest assured that your orders comewith consistent quality control inspection throughout the manufacturing anddelivery processes.

ExpertTool Building

All our investment casting foundryproductions start with expert tooling. Our team of design engineers hascomplete knowledge, skills, and experience in determining the right techniquesand solutions to complete your casting order according to the material typesand molten metal flow.

Don’t stress yourself every time youneed investment casting services, Caster Metal offers you the most extensiveproducts and services that will suit all your requirements and budget. We lookforward to working with you one of these days. Contact us today and request aquote.