High Quality Investment Casting Foundry

High Quality Investment Casting Foundry

Investment casting foundry is considered one of the oldest known metalworking procedures in existence. It is starting more than 5,000 years ago as “lost wax investment casting” this historical procedure utilized bee’s wax to mold a pattern that was then utilized to make different parts and products.

Investment casting foundries internationally have introduced state of the art innovations as well as developments that take account of the following advance refractory materials, expensive waxes the many developments made possible with the help of computers and computer-assisted design.

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We specialize in investment casting foundry of many ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, which include stainless steel, cobalt, nickel-based alloys, and aluminum investment castings. Work with an investment casting foundry to lessen wasted material and the time of production in your facility. Know how rapid prototyping, one-piece manufacturing as well as casting production techniques can generate tough, precision components for your business/industry.

Our Investment Casting Process


The investment casting foundry procedure starts with a design. This can be an illustration or sketch or a current prototype part.

Mold Making

 This is the next step in investment casting produce. From a sketch or illustration, design, and prototype, investment casting foundry generates an injection shape. The wax pattern injection mold is then machined with the use of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, the union of both cutting edge technology and ancient.

Wax Pattern Assembly

The injection molds are gathered or pulled together on a sprue to come up with the full part.


We will use a prime slurry or ceramic to the sprue or tree in this step, and then we will coat the assembly in a ceramic fluid. While it is still moist or wet, it’s covered in fine sand and then allowed to dry prior to applying another slurry and sand. We will repeat the procedure until we reach six or more ceramic shell layers on the wax assembly.

Wax Removal

We will prepare ceramic shells for the wax assembly to get rid of the wax inside. This is performed with an autoclave, wherein we will put the ceramics on a tray, and we use autoclave steam to soften the wax inside the mold.

High Temp Burnout

Subsequently, once wax elimination, these ceramic shells undergo a high-temp burnout. This step cures the ceramic molds. Then, they are prepared for casting and preheating.

Metal Melting and Casting: During this step, we melt superior alloys inlined furnaces. This step is absolutely vital to make sure the quality of the casting. What is more, in this part, we do degas and alloying to make sure they soften metal’s properties are optimal for pouring. Then the metal is cast into these ceramic molds.


Upon cooling, metal casting will take the form of the wax pattern. When it cools, we will eliminate the ceramic using high-powered water jets. This leaves the casting foundry with an accomplished metal investment casting.

Cut Off, Grinding as well as Finishing

Unnecessary gates are then cut off using a saw and further eliminated by grinding. Then we will de-burr it.  The next steps would be hand-tooling, machining, as well as finishing leading in a complete, finished casting.

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We collaborate with our clients so we can design the pattern and molding technique for every custom casting. You can ask for an estimate to get more details on how our investment casting foundry service is able to go along with the project needs and requirements.

Out workers at the foundry has many years of experience, education, and also bi-lingual. This vastly allows for a close supervising of the investment casting procedure from start to end.

To know more about our investment casting foundry service or let us know how we are able to assists your business, call us now either by phone or online. We are more than happy and willing to share more about our process and the reasons that make us stand out from other service providers. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now to know how we can help you with your investment casting needs. We are always here to help!