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Grey Cast Iron

Grey Cast Iron

Are you looking for quality metal castings? Then, here’s a one-stop-shop that would catch your attention – Caster Metal. Here, clients can see expertise, innovation, and success. Our quality metal castings are only a few of the proofs that show our excellence.

For years, Caster Metal produces the best metal castings in different shapes and sizes. Our experienced engineers make sure that the entire process of the metal castings is successful.  Through advanced technologies, we’re proud to offer you cost-effective cast and finished products.

Our team follows our value-engineering principles to give you the castings you need for your business. At a competitive price, we assure the mechanical resistance, mechanical strength and beautiful appearance of the products are visible.

Caste Metal can melt different alloys such as stainless steel, steel, iron, titanium, plastic and grey cast iron, and other specialty alloys.

On this page, we would focus on grey cast iron. First, let’s know a few essential information about grey iron.

What’s Grey Cast Iron?

Grey or gray iron has a graphite component that gives its color and name.  Grey iron is classified according to its tensile strength.

Here’s an example:

Grey iron under Class 20 has low or little tensile strength but higher in ductility. In Classes 3O, 40 (including) 60, the grey iron has great strength. (But take note: the high strength of the iron reduces its ductility.) Meanwhile, the Class 😯 grey iron has increased tensile strength, but it’s brittle.

Remember: Graphite is added or is within molten metal during iron casting.

Grey iron is 95% Iron in weight, 4% carbon, and 3% silicon.  You can find high silicone amount in grey cast iron that’s responsible for graphite production when the alloy is heated. Take note: the deflection of the graphic microstructure gives iron its grey color.

Also, it’s also noteworthy to mention: the production of ductile cast iron slows down the formation or growth of graphite. The process also allows carbon to separate as a spheroidal graphite particle.

Caster Metal monitors the temperature and timing in melting grey cast iron as it plays an important role in the iron castings.

How We Mold Grey Cast Iron?

After we achieve the right melt temperature, we pour the metals into molds. (The molds we’re using could be one-piece or two-piece split molds.) The two-piece mold has a cope and drag that meet to the parting line.

Take note: the molds could be taper or draft made to the edges. (In this way, the cast part is removed easily.)

During the process, core results to avoid in the grey cast iron and the core is destroyed in the process.  Hence, the core becomes a disposable material.

What happens after the mold breaks out?

The grey cast iron needs heat treatment so that It has strength.  The heating or cooling is a secondary process that gives tempering, case hardening, annealing or quenching of the cast iron.  The grey iron is sealed through metal impregnation that utilizes effective vacuum pressure that seals the surface.

Then, our experts use shot peening (a type of sandblasting) to hammer a metal’s outer layer to create a solid finish. Thus, the metal gains additional strength that resists cracking and other metal problems.

Why Choose Our Grey Iron Casting?

Grey cast iron fits your budget because it’s affordable. We produce iron castings fast, so no worries and delays when you order grey cast iron from us. Grey iron offers great compression strength and damping capacity that’s perfect for your business specifications. 

Don’t worry about shrinkage because cast iron doesn’t shrink during the cooling process.

Our experts are skilled and creative, providing iron castings for you. With our reputation in the castings industry, you would be satisfied with our services. We assure you would have quality cast iron products that your business needs.

Caster Metal has huge supply of materials that you need for grey cast iron. Our engineers are always ready for your concerns. Talk to our team, and they can shape good design and sizes for you!

Caster Metal always considers client satisfaction a priority! That’s what you can get in our cast iron and other products. So, come and don’t miss the success that awaits you! Let’s do it together. Your triumph begins here at Caster Metal!