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Gravity Die Casting

Gravity Die Casting

Caster Metal is happy to serve you using our state-of-the-art tools and equipment. We’re a cast metal manufacturing company that supplies caster metals and other products.

Our experts are trained and skilled in melting various alloys such as steel, bronze, zinc, stainless steel, and more. Through wide experience and insight, we offer you creative solutions that put your business to high-level status.

But wait – there’s more we offer.

When you ask about quality cast metals, you’ll find that here in Caster Metal. We use advanced technology and our expertise to give you high-quality products your business needs. We help you achieve your goals not only through quality alloys but also fast delivery offers.

Yes, Caster Metal doesn’t give you hassles when it comes to the delivery process. Call us and our experts would schedule the delivery time for you.  Expect that you’ll receive your order before or on-time.

Also, we offer a budget-friendly approach to our products and services. Our affordable items and services assure that you’ll face no hassle in paying for the items you ordered. We’re happy and proud to introduces some of the mold casting processes we do – gravity dies casting.

What is Gravity Die Casting?

In this process, we pour molten metal from a ladle or vessel to the mold. (The mold cavity doesn’t have force besides gravity, so we perform filling by tilting the die.)  We use sand cores to incorporate undercuts and cavities to the component form.

An excellent surface finish is the result of gravity die casting that’s better than sand casting. (The mechanical properties die casting is also better than sand casting. The reason for this is rapid solidification.)

Unlike sand casting, gravity die casting requires less fettling and finishing. We offer you high-quality products due to die casting. Also, the gravity dies casting method is less costly than sand casting.

Take note: gravity die casting offers a higher casting rate than sand casting. But the metal molds are a little costly than sand.

Our Gravity Die Casting Process

Alright, gravity die casting is a manual method using a ladle. But other high-volume applications use an automated ladle in pouring the molten metal. We control the filling effectively by tilting the die.

Take note that the gravity die casting process is similar to sand casting and has four steps, such as the following:

  1. We heat the die then sprayed with refractory coating, and we close it.  The coating controls the temperature of the die effectively. Also, the coating helps in removing the castings effectively.
  2. Next, we pour molten metal into the die. (In certain cases, a machine is used to do this process) to solidify the metal.
  3. Now, we open the die, and we remove the cast parts by hand. (In some conditions, we use ejector pins to opening the die and removing the cast parts.)
  4. Last, we remove the scrap, runners, flash, and sprues from the castings. Then, we process the castings to remove any sharp edge and extra material. If required, we clear the blast.

With gravity die casting procedure, you’re sure that you achieve satisfaction in your casting manufacture. We make sure that we reach your demands when it comes to die casting. Our experts are open tox suggestions if you want to add your ideas to the casting process.

We’re proud to give you logical options for die casting such as the following:

  • Different non-ferrous materials
  • Small to medium size parts
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Dimensional consistency
  • Runs 500 units effectively

Caster Metal offers the best die cast products at a lower price. We ensure the purchase process for you wouldn’t be a hassle. Our team of engineers is hands-on and willing to exert great effort to finish the work.

We follow our engineering values to maximize our supply chain. Caster Metal has a huge amount of materials and supplies to meet the needs of our clients.

We will show you the gravity die casting procedure and ensure that you understand the process well. Here, we don’t only talk, but we also listen to your product specifications. So, come now and see what other things we can do here at Caster Metal.

Let innovation give success to your business!