Forging Parts Manufacturer

Forging Parts Manufacturer

ForgingParts Manufacturer

Are you looking for the bestproduction method? Caster Metal delivers a wide array of parts that can handleany impact requirements along with the high-stress load. We offer the mostcomprehensive forging parts options for all your products according to itsunique criterion and application.

Compared to other methods, we areyour best forging parts manufacturer that can help you reduce costs byproviding production efficiency and machining economies. As you decided to makeus part of your business growth, you will not only leverage your operations butalso save a significant amount from your overall production expenses.

We know that most companies thesedays find new ways to cut production costs. Luckily, our forging services offercost-cutting solutions without compromising quality. That is to help you staycompetitive and reputable while optimizing your supply chain. We also strive tominimize waste to protect and preserve the environment. That is why we makesure that our forging process is not only highly efficient but alsoenvironmentally friendly.

HowWe Produce Highly Efficient Forgings

When producing high-standardforgings, we utilize a myriad of skills and equipment. We have in-depthknowledge in determining the necessary forging operations. We fully understandthe forging parts design our customers provided by effective characteristicmetal flow.

During the forging process, we applya robust combination of physical force and heat to a billet or metal ingot.That way, we efficiently shape the steel based on your desired shape and keepthe metal in its solid-state.

We understand that each of ourcustomers has unique requirements, so we sure that your forgings come withdifferent options. These include rolled ring forging, open die forging, andclosed die forging. We use different types of forging metals such as steel,brass, aluminum, and bronze to meet your specific forging parts requirement.

Whatto Expect from Our Forging Products and Services

In every forging project we handle,we see to it that our customers will experience complete customer support andsatisfaction from start to finish of the project. You can always count on ourengineering department, from project consultation up to the completion.

When you choose us to help you withthe forgings, we give you the best opportunity to experience our serviceadvantages, such as:

  • Fewerissues on cavities, shrinkage, and porosity
  • Uniformityin structure and composition
  • Tightgrain structure for achieving high-mechanical strength
  • Excellentpart performance when tested under varying field load conditions

WhyChoose Our Forging Services

Caster Metal produces forged partsthat deliver high ductility alongside with great resistance to fatigue leadsand impact. The forging process we use is carefully designed to ensure morerefined metal structures.

By using the forging method, you canbe sure that you can save time, materials, and labor throughout yourproduction. Due to intense working, we ensure that you will find no flaws. So,your products are equipped with optimum reliability. We make sure that each offorged parts has reasonable level of accuracy, and these parts can be easilyand more quickly welded.

For all your forging needs, makeCaster Metal part of your success and business growth.


Our forged products are created to beusable in different industries. Meaning, you will be provided with everything,from crankshafts, rods, and airport landing rods up to tools used in medical,building, and automotive industries.

TougherEnd Product

Our forgings are crafted to delivertougher end products, especially those that require shear and impact strength.We ensure that our forging parts process will result in effective metal grainflows in conforming your desired product shape. As a result, you can obtainproducts with tighter grain for a more uniform composition and structure. Thisalso means that you can achieve forged products that are more resistant to wearand are harder. That way, it prevents the need for using more expensive alloyjust to increase the strength of the forged parts.

LessWeak Points

One of the considerations when itcomes to forged products is the weak points. Instead of joining multiple piecestogether, we make an effort to forge the parts as one piece. So, by removingany unnecessary joints, there will be additional advantages to the overallstrength because no fastening or welding is required.

MoreDependable Form

Once you have chosen our forgingservices, expect that forged parts or the product itself will remain truer toform. All the forging products we provide have fewer cavities, overallporosity, and shrinkage of the metal. No need for you to compensate for anychanges happening during the process.

Here at Caster Metal, we give you thebest opportunities to experience the true advantages of forgings. Regardless ofthe forging project you have, we make sure that we will meet all yourrequirements and give you the results you desire for.

Contact us today, we are your best ForgingParts Manufacturer and our engineering team will help you find the bestsolutions for your product’s specific needs.