Exploring Ductile Iron Grades: What You Need to Know

Exploring Ductile Iron Grades: What You Need to Know

Ductile iron casting has been significantly contributed to modern-day machine advancements. We provide a significant amount of versatility when making near-net-shaped investments without sacrificing performance.

Our facility uses the most advanced equipment to service your ductile iron casting project needs. Caster Metals also serves as your trusted, one-stop resource for casting metal parts.

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality cast iron products and services for various industries, such as hydraulic valves, heavy construction equipment, agricultural equipment, and many more.

From ductile iron casting design to finished cast parts, we are your trusted and reliable partner.

Creating Value for Customers 

We develop and maintain close working relationships to create significant value for customers. We are responsive and focus on meeting or exceeding our customer deadlines. We deliver direct technical support while developing strategic third party relationships.

We ensure to complete your casting project based on your specifications. 

About Ductile Iron 

Ductile iron refers to the cast iron’s modern iteration. Because of its enhanced ability to withstand impacts without breaking, it gained popularity in the commercial marketplace. Ductile iron castings deliver numerous applications.

It is commonly produced from iron or steel crap, but pig iron remains the primary source. 

Our casting service applies to different industries, from automotive to transportation.

Different Properties of Ductile Iron 

The addition of magnesium impacts the properties found in ductile iron. It demonstrates enhanced tensile strength and ductility, which contributes to suitability in various applications.

The castings we produce guarantee greater strength and can absorb impacts by bending. Plus, you have nothing to worry about breaking or rupturing. The improved ability to resist corrosion is another property that makes it a popular casting material.

When creating different grades, we consider the mixture structure control around the graphite through subsequent heat treatment or casting process. The minor compositional differences between the ductile iron grades are necessary to create the desired matrix. 

Here are the different matrices found in the ductile iron:


Ferrite is a flexible, ductile, pure iron with little strength. While it comes with poor wear resistance, you can rely on its high-impact resistance. It also delivers good machinability.


Pearlite refers to ferrite and iron carbide’s mechanical mixture. This matrix is relatively hard combined with moderate ductility. It also provides good machinability, moderate impact resistance, good wear resistance, and high strength.

Pearlite and Ferrite Combination 

This structure is consisting of a pearlite and ferrite mixture. It is the most common matrix used for commercial ductile iron grades.

Advantages of Ductile Iron with Caster Metals 

We provide top-notch quality ductile iron casting solutions, delivering several advantages in different applications.

Higher Strength to Weight Ratio

Ductile iron is a material that delivers a higher strength-to-weight ratio as compared to competing for ferrous alloys. 

Excellent Surface Finish 

Another advantage of casting is an excellent surface finish. It may require minimal finishing, but our expert team will help you with that.

Permits Machining 

Ductile iron is known to withstand impacts effectively, making it permit machining. It can also withstand additional post-casting operations, including surface treatments, cutting, and drilling.

Corrosion Resistance 

Ductile iron is corrosion-resistant. This capability allows it to withstand heavy wear for a long time. 

Excellent Casting Material 

Ductile iron is one of our top casting materials. During the casting process, it accepts fine detail. It allows us to design and create a vast variety of use high-quality, valuable products.

Cost-effective Alternative 

The suitability of ductile iron relies on a number of factors for a specific purpose, but it provides a cost-effective alternative for metal alloys.

Common Ductile Iron Applications 

When compared to gray iron, we guarantee that ductile iron provides more excellent ductility and strength. Those properties enable this material to be helpful in various industrial applications, such as pump housings, gearboxes, wheels, machine frames for the wind-power industry, automotive components, pipes, and many more.

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