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Caster Metals Shell Moulding Products And Service

Caster Metals Shell Moulding Products And Service

For superior dimensional accuracy and high production rates, always trust the Shell Moulding services of Caster Metals . Our Shell Moulding process is designed to deliver an expendable mold to for casting different aluminum parts.

Here at Caster Metals, we offer the largest, state-of-the-art shell core machine. Meaning, all your Shell Moulding project needs will be accommodated efficiently. The mould we use is made from the thin, high quality shell of resin sand to ensure accurate results.

Our Shell Moulding process is the high-standard version of the sand casting that can produce topnotch casting quality. We make that all our Shell Moulding products are produced using modern technology and expertise in the industry.

Our Shell Moulding Process

Unlike sand casting, the sand in the Shell Moulding process is heated. That way, as the resin sand touches the specific design or pattern, it creates the thin shell surrounding it. Then, the shell produced will become a negative pattern that forms the two pieces. After that, the two pieces will be mated to form the mold to which the molten metal is being poured. We retrieve the cast part by carefully breaking the shell away form that part.

What to Expect from Our Shell Moulding Products and Services

Caster Metals considers quality and customer satisfaction as our top priorities. Our engineering department is always available to give you the best Shell Moulding solutions that involve surface finish, cost, geometric complexity, cost, and other factors. You can expect that through our value-engineering expertise, you will achieve your desired results along with the lowest overall cost as possible.

Working with our expert team guarantees that you will experience topnotch Shell Moulding services that ensures that following:

  • Most competitive unit pricing
  • High degree of production efficiency
  • High quality surface finishes
  • High dimension stability and accuracy
  • Suitability from medium up to large series runs or even as few as 1,000 units

Why Choose Our Shell Moulding Services

We utilize Shell Moulding materials with a high degree of quality and efficiency. We employ our Shell Moulding process through metal and metal alloy conservation to prevent asset wasting. We provide automation to support your high volume production needs while generating large quantities of parts rapidly.

Caster Metal is known to create very complex and highly detailed metal components. We use the most effective Shell Moulding solutions to produce a wide array of shapes, especially those parts that need accurate manufacturing.

Once you have chosen our professional and skillful team, expect that you will be experiencing several advantages leveraging your business growth.

Great Surface Quality

We use high quality resin as our sand binder, which produces sand molds with smooth, hard surfaces. As a result, the castings will have great surface smoothness. We make sure that our Shell Moulding process involves less sand residue within the production. This means that there is no iron cast defects like air holes, sand holes, or sand inclusion.

High Casting Dimensional Accuracy

Since the production involves hard mold materials, it means that there will be fewer sand molds swell which will lead to smaller dimensional tolerance. This advantage we provide is very helpful in reducing the machining cost as well as producing accurate roughcasting.

Complex Castings and Thin Wall Thickness

On average, we take less than 5mm wall thickness for the sand castings. So, only our expert Shell Moulding process is reliable for producing these products. Not only that, core molds, as well as hot shell, are made by our cutting edge molding machines, which means that we have the best resources to produce castings with most accurate and complete structures, preferably those that require inside structures.

Low Pattern Costs

Unlike other Shell Moulding service providers with high patterns costs, ours remain to be very cost-effective. Although metal iron patterns or metal patterns are highly required in the process, we make sure that you can save from our Shell Moulding products and services. Even you have small orders or small quantity castings projects, you can always rely on our low pattern costs, while ensuring that we will meet your unique Shell Moulding requirements.

No Size and Weight Limitation

The cores and shells of castings we produced are through our advanced machines and you have nothing to worry about dimensional limitation. Our castings weigh from 0.5 to 5000 kilograms. This means that no matter how small or big your project is, you can always expect geometric and dimensional accuracy at highly cost-effective process.

Work with Shell Moulding Experts Today!

We believe that our customers deserve to have high quality and efficient Shell Moulding products. So, we make sure that all your Shell Moulding needs are properly addressed. Regardless of your project size, rest assured that you will be provided with the customer support and satisfying results you deserve.

For your next Shell Moulding projects, make sure to make Caster Metal part of it. We guarantee savings and satisfying. Contact us today and our expert team will handle all your needs effectively and professionally.