Cast Carbon Steel

Cast Carbon Steel

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We also see to it that the finished surface ofthe metal fits your requirements. If you like, we can make adjustments inmelting alloys such as steel, titanium, bronze, carbon steel and other alloys.We don’t only give you excellent work but also assurance that you’ll achieveyour business goals.

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Let’s talk about cast carbon steel a littlefurther.

What is Cast CarbonSteel?

Yes, you’re right if you think that carbonsteel only has a principal alloy element – carbon. But there are other elementspresent in cast carbon steel but only in small amounts. Examples of theseelements are Silicon and Manganese.

Silicon (Si) ranges from 0.25 to 0.80%,and Manganese (Mn) ranges from 0.50 to 1.00%.

Carbon Steels are divided into three groupsdepending on carbon content such as:

  • Lowcarbon steels – < O.20% C
  • Mediumcarbon steels – 0.20 up to 0.50% C
  • Highcarbon steels – > 0.050% C

The low-alloy steels have alloying elementsbesides carbon, with 8% total alloy content. Meanwhile, cast steels contain theamount of a single element that makes these as low cast steels.

Take note: We use titanium, aluminum, zirconium for thedeoxidation of low-alloy steels and carbon. Since it’s affordable and effective, we often use Aluminum in thedeoxidation. The Sulphur limit for low-alloy steels and carbon is 0.06% (unlessspecified).  0.05% is the standardphosphorus limit.

Structure and Propertyof Cast Carbon Steels

Caster Metal produces cast carbon steels indifferent properties such as strength, hardness, fatigue resistance, ductility,and toughness. Yes, our carbon steel selections are according to variousproperties, but we still recognize the interrelationships between theseproperties.

Here’s an example:

For Strength and Hardness: the ultimate tensile strength oflow-alloy steels and cast carbon ranges from 414 to 1724MPa. (But this dependson the heat treatment and alloy choice.) For carbon steels, the heat treatmentand carbon content determine the strength and hardness.

For Strength and Ductility: The actual ductility requirements depend on the hardness and strength ofthe steel.  For example, quenched andtempered cast steels give higher ductility than annealed or normalized steels.

Remember: The more carbon we add on steel, the strongerand harder it gets under heat treatment. But it also becomes less ductile thatmeans the steel loses strength when it’s deformed. A steel having high carboncontent is less malleable. The more carbon steel has, the lower the meltingpoint.

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