Carbon Steel Casting

Carbon Steel Casting

We provide the most advanced carbon steel castings dedicated to demanding modern industries. We are committed to delivering accurate parts and precision components with impressive mechanical properties and industry-standard tolerances. 

Carbon steel refers to the iron-carbon alloy containing 0.0218% to 2.11% carbon. Generally, it comes with small amounts of phosphorus, sulfur, manganese, and silicon. Higher carbon content means higher hardness and strength. Carbon steel is also one of the main materials used in steel casting.

Let’s Customize Your Carbon Steel Casting Project!

We have the necessary experience, resources, and skills to customize carbon steel casting based on your material compositions. We will help you achieve tight tolerances in varying dimensions for your project.

Our team uses the process that best suits your requirements for budget, material, and surface finish. 

Carbon Steel Grades 

In the world of carbon steel casting, you will encounter three carbon steel types according to the carbon content composition: low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, and high carbon steel. 

Different carbon steel grades and processes are available for industrial projects, including rail and aviation, automotive parts, heavy manufacturing, and machine-building. Don’t worry; we will help you choose the right carbon steel grade for your project.

Low and medium carbon steel is utilized for investment casting. Low carbon steel is easy to shape but hard to strengthen by heat treating. Alternatively, we can conduct carburizing process to improve the alloy’s surface hardness. Medium carbon steel delivers strength, excellent ductility, and wear resistance. Using heat treatment helps harden and temper the mild carbon steel.

We have complete alloy resources, including carbon steel. We specialize in complex designs and tight tolerances. Plus, you can take advantage of our varying carbon steel grades that meet ASTM, AMS, and MIL specifications.

Low Carbon Steel Casting 

With carbon steel casting, we can achieve machinability, weldability, and ductility. It contains lower carbon content levels. It has a lower tensile strength and is softer than other steel. So, heat treatment is not applicable. 

Generally, low carbon steel is used for construction and automotive applications, such as assemblies, pins, rods, shafts, bolts, fasteners, and many more. We provide low-carbon steels for investment castings, including WCB, Armco Iron, 8630, 8620, 4130, 1020, and 1010.

Medium Carbon Steel Casting 

Containing medium carbon content levels, medium carbon steel casting is famous for its wear resistance. It can be strengthened using heat treatment and is harder as compared to low-carbon steel. 

Medium carbon steel casting alloys are commonly used for defense and military applications, such as firearms, plane tubing, crankshafts, couplings, engine components, and more. We provide medium carbon casting alloys that include CA6NM, 8640, 6150, 4340, 4140, and 1040.

High Carbon Steel Casting 

High carbon steel casting is strong and known for its excellent shape memory, making it an ideal choice for spring manufacturers. When used for tensile applications, it can withstand abrasion and wear.

High carbon steel alloy steel is ideal for heavy-duty applications, such as pins and cranks. 

Advantages of Carbon Steel Casting with Caster Metals 

Carbon steel casting provides a range of benefits in an economical package, making it one of the top materials for investment casting.

Caster Metals is complete with dedicated and state-of-the-art casting equipment. We have access to the best tools and technologies in the business. We ensure the success of your project by taking responsibility for the whole carbon steel casting process.

If you choose us to be your partner for your next project, you can expect the following advantages:

  • A variety of material grades and low material cost 
  • A wide array of applications in different industries 
  • Safety, durability, and high structural integrity level 
  • Ferromagnetic properties, necessary for electrical and motor appliances 

We Are Your One-Stop Carbon Steel Casting Service 

We are always ready to be your partner in completing your casting project.

We are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to making carbon steel casting in different carbon steel alloys. You can also ask us to customize casting based on the requirements, such as material compositions, budget, and other preferences.

With our capabilities, you can rest assured that tight tolerances are achieved in varying dimensions for your cost savings. We will help you select the suitable casting grade for your project, including the application, corrosion resistance, formability, strength requirements, weldability, and machinability. 

Our team is more willing to provide you with a helpful consultation to help you find the perfect solutions for your casting needs. We value time the way we value your satisfaction, so expect to complete your project according to schedule. 

We operate in a flexible framework, providing quality products, complete service coverage, and fast delivery. Plus, we focus on quality and reliability!

For your next carbon steel casting project, do not hesitate to contact Caster Metals!