Aluminum Casting Factory

Aluminum Casting Factory

Work with a professional and trusted aluminum casting factory! Caster Metals provides all your aluminum casting needs at affordable costs.

Once you choose us to be your partner in your next aluminum casting project, you can rest assured that you are working with experts who deeply understand the ins and outs of the aluminum casting sector. We even give you the best advice about the best methods for your project.

We know that every aluminum die casting project is different, so we treat your project with the individualized attention and care it deserves.

Our aluminum die casting process guarantee reliability and safety, where metal pieces are cast and molded for different purposes.

About Aluminum Casting 

In a nutshell, aluminum die casting is about filling a mold (die) with a liquid metal to press it into a specific shape. It is considered a go-to process for many industrial projects requiring metal parts. Our aluminum casting process ensures a smooth finish, giving you a product with an aesthetic sheen.

Temperature plays a critical role in casting and producing high-quality products, where we need to keep it down. We avoid high and out-of-control temperatures to prevent metals from burning and spoiling, which can cause safety issues.

With a professional aluminum casting process by our expert team, everything stays cool. Then, removing the freshly-cast metal products is a lot easier. We guarantee that your project is completed according to the schedule. 

Advantages of Aluminum Casting with Caster Metals

As a trusted aluminum casting factory for more than five decades, our process is helpful in a variety of applications. Our customers can enjoy a lot of advantages, from technical to financial reasons.

High Strength 

We pour the molten aluminum into a metal mold during the permanent mold process, allowing the metal to chill rapidly. As a result, the aluminum solidifies into a very fine-grain texture free of trapped gas and porosity.

Our casting comes with a 15% greater strength advantage than sand casting and superior metallurgical properties. You can also expect a high pressure tightness level.

Flexible Quantities 

Another advantage of working with Caster Metals is the flexible production quantities. That is possible throughout innovative mold designs, ensuring perfectly balanced unit costs and tooling costs.

Less Machining 

While machining is also our specialization, we want our customers to save time and money through minimized secondary machining alongside its cost. We do it by providing total repeatability, a smooth finish, and close dimensional control.

We ensure that surfaces are cast entirely flat and even free from taper or draft using the most suitable mold design. With our efficient aluminum casting process, you can cut machining costs dramatically.

High Quality 

Upfront engineering and process control help us produce high quality castings. Plus, we always avoid failure rates and internal scrap.

We strive to constantly monitor all-aluminum casting processing alongside investing painstaking efforts into designs and tooling development.

Close Tolerance

We offer castings made from metal mold to ensure negligible dimensional variation and consistently held close tolerance. We also can deliver precision and the highest accuracy, allowing us to cast a variety of parts. In return, you can achieve premium-grade and cost-saving products.

Fine Surface Finish 

Our castings finish is smooth and fine enough for gaskets and O-ring seals in many applications. You can also put them against metallic surfaces. We ensure that our aluminum castings come with a clean and silvery appearance at all times to reduce costly operations like mass finishing and polishing.

Our castings can easily be tumbled, polished, e-coated, plated, painted, anodized, or cast with logos or letters. 

Complex Shapes 

We use machined molds using blocks of high-quality steel. We produce complex shapes that come with thin walls available for casting using ingenious coring techniques. We routinely cast undercuts using sand cores. We utilize state-of-the-art molding, intricate coring techniques, and fully machined cavities when making complex aluminum parts.

Low Cost 

The most significant advantage of getting our aluminum casting process is our competitiveness. We provide low unit costs while providing you with a valuable tooling investment. Our extensive knowledge and years of experience help us deliver innovative mold designs, resulting in low tooling costs. 

Talk to An Aluminum Casting Expert 

We know that some of you are less familiar with the aluminum casting process. So, we will assist you throughout the process, from start to finish.

We are dedicated to delivering a cost-effective aluminum casting process, ensuring satisfying results. We also strive to be your one-stop-shop for all your aluminum casting needs. We use the most advanced and innovative engineering solutions and manufacturing techniques for castings.

For your upcoming aluminum casting project, do not hesitate to work with us. We are your casting experts with more than five decades of experience. 

Contact us today, and let’s make a difference in your casting project.