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Aluminum Casting Factory How To Cast Aluminum?

Aluminum Casting Factory How To Cast Aluminum?

In the process of aluminum castings, aluminum alloys can be cast in various forms, including sand casting (clay sand, cement sand, chemically hardened sand, etc.), metal casting, shell casting, gypsum casting, centrifugal casting, continuous casting, and pressure casting, among which sand casting is the most common.

In sand casting, the design of the gating system is very important. First, it should be ensured that clean molten metal is introduced into the cavity from the ladle or ladle, to obtain a higher yield. The design of the size of the gating system is also particularly important. The table look-up method, the calculation method, or the empirical data can be used directly, but the actual experiment must be used for inspection and modification. Generally speaking, it is more common to look up the table. The speed and flow of the casting should be determined according to the weight and size of the aluminum casting. Secondly, pay attention to the size and shape of the riser left in the aluminum casting during the processing of the aluminum casting. There are many methods for determining the size of the riser, including the calculation method, the hot pitch circle method, and the icon method. For the shape, arc or other shapes are generally used, and the volume of the riser used can also be obtained according to experience. Then there is the casting temperature of aluminum castings. The general aluminum castings are between 600 degrees and 700 degrees, and the temperature can also be adjusted for special aluminum castings.

After the casting system is completed, the aluminum castings should be taken out after a long period of natural cooling. Such aluminum castings will not be deformed due to excessive temperature, and will not easily produce microscopic shrinkage cavities and granularity segregation, thereby reducing pinholes. rate of mass production.

In this regard, the Aluminum Casting Factory to increase the density of aluminum castings, different casting processes are adopted according to the weight and shape of the castings. For large aluminum alloy castings, the principle of sequential solidification should be adopted. The main process measures are: place the gate and riser in the hot place of the envoy, so that the riser solidifies after the riser, and cold iron can also be used to cast a higher temperature gradient. For small and complex thin-walled castings, the principle of simultaneous solidification is adopted. The main technological measures are to place the gate at the cold joint so that the gate is dispersed to make the temperature of each part uniform, and the riser adopts a lower casting temperature.