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Steel Foundry

Steel Foundry

Do you want quality castings to boost your business goals? We have it here, at Caster Metal. As a trusted and reliable company, we assure that your business would grow successfully. Our steel foundry has dedicated and skilled experts who process different alloys, such as the following:

  • Stainless steel
  •  Steel
  • Tool steel
  • Gray and ductile iron
  • Titanium
  • Bronze

Besides these alloys, our experts are also excellent in molding various aerospace and other specialty alloys. Caster Metal is famous for using modern casting technology. Hence, you wouldn’t see internal defects in the products we offer. We aim to reach your expectations in the castings field that results in consumer satisfaction.

What’s Inside Our Steel Foundry?

Caster Metal uses innovative approaches in castings engineering. We’re hands-on and ready to meet any challenge you have for us.  We place value on the cast products we produce. As experts in casting and engineering, we always show our technical expertise in the processes we do.

If you require development insight and mechanical strength, we’re ready to offer it. Our team is willing to show extra mechanical properties each time you require it.

We’re proud to offer you the following that you can see in our steel foundry:

  • Machining
  • Types of alloy forging
  • Heat treatment
  • Metal-mold, investment, sand, lost foam and die casting processes
  • Full and sub-assembly services
  •  Complex geometries such as exhaust manifolds, engine heads, and more

Through experience and teamwork, our engineers are efficient and successful in the steel forging process.  We apply state of the art technology and equipment to give an excellent finished product. Our team studies and implements our methods carefully to arrive at your specifications.

We understand your needs, so we give our best efforts to give cast products and services you need. Take note: our steels and other products are competitively priced.

We don’t end there. Here’s more that would surprise you in the steel foundry.

Caster Metal aims to meet the specifications and needs of clients. With our broad knowledge in the castings industry, we base our method on the following criteria:

  • Product size
  • Materials
  • Product Quantity (toughness, wear resistance, impact resistance, etc.)
  • Design complexity
  • Tooling stage cost
  • Desired finish requirements
  • Tolerance requirements

Our engineering department is always open to hearing your ideas about surface finish, geometric complexity, price and other factors concerning your order.

Our engineers give insights and suggestions about the specifications you want to have. If there are glitches in the method and metal processes, we solve the problem right away. We always make sure that the fast engineering solution is present inside the steel foundry.

Talk to our staff and engineers and have the best steel and other services.

Our Steel Foundry Benefits

Caster Metal engineers have an intensive background when it comes to the metal castings process. We cast metals in different shapes by melting these to liquid. Our team pours the metal into mold. Then, we remove the mold once the metal solidifies and cools.

We can shape different metals in the steel foundry, and we do it successfully. We follow the sizes you require for the metals so that your specifications are met.

Thanks to our technical and creative insight, we produce the best and quality metals in the steel foundry. From the design to the melting process, we give accuracy and care for the metals. Thus, you see finished products that help your business grow.

Since we pay attention to the castings process, you’re sure that our metal surfaces are excellent. Our team guarantee that steel foundry produces topnotch and cost-effective products all the time.

We don’t only follow your requirements. We make success happen for you!

How do we do it? It’s simple – we optimize effective methods and production processes for each metal. We’re careful and accurate in the process we use that makes our services efficient. But mind you, we don’t only stick there.

Yes, truth is we’re always open for suggestions to make our metal processes in the foundry success. Remember: we hear your concerns, and we’re open to working with you.

Think of the amazing things we do inside the steel foundry and you’ll think of business growth and success. Let’s work together to meet your business requirements!

Come and talk to us!

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